Hi. We are GIGAGO

Newly founded in 2022, GIGAGO is the 1st travel eSIM provider in Vietnam. Despite new establishment, we have provided Vietnam data eSIMs to travelers from over 100+ countries and territories. We started with a mission to end the international roaming charge which may take a considerable part of anyone’s travel budget. 

GIGAGO provides connectivity across any device. From mobile phones, laptops, tablets to wearable devices, our eSIM solution can connect people and devices effortlessly at your fingertips.

With Gigago, you can enjoy low-cost, high-quality mobile internet when traveling Vietnam. No more a need to swap SIM cards or to risk losing one. The most updated eSIM technology keeps you connected at your convenience.

“At Gigago, we are renowned for our technological breakthroughs and connection-changing products that help travelers and businessmen get better connectivity worldwide.”

Gigago Vietnam eSIM Features

Buy online

Pay as you go

Have a Vietnamese phone to receive calls & SMS

Long activation validation time

The guarantee of a good connection, everywhere, immediately, all the time in Vietnam

Our Mission

Feeling sick of having to pay for costly roaming charges during your travel? With eSIM technology, travelers to Vietnam should be able to maintain their connection anytime and anywhere at local rates. We are here to create hassle-free products and services that allow you to stay connected while you are traveling Vietnam, at affordable rates, without borders.

Our Vision

To be a reputable travel eSIM provider in Vietnam. We try to work hard to provide more and more accurate and reliable products to our customers. 

Our Core Values

Our core values are at the basis of all company processes as well as activities. Here are fundamental beliefs that have driven our success for over 5 years.

Customer focused

We recognised that customers are the reason for our success in bussines. We focus in providing a positive customer experience both at the point of sale and after sale so as to gain comptetitive advantage.


We work on a flat rate, prepaid basis, so you will never be faced by an unpleasant surprise. We aim for long-term relations with our clients, partners, suppliers and employees, so transparency and honesty are essential values for us.


Transparency and open communication are necessary to build lasting relationships. In all our relations, whether with customers, suppliers, partners or our own employees, we aim to build trust and transparency through responsible actions.


A bit better every single day. We do things differently and try to upgrade and develope new services to provide even better connectivity for our customers no matter where they are. 

Our Leradership Team

Dong Nguyen
CEO / Founder
Chuan Nguyen
Chief Operating Officer / Co-Founder
Ha Tran
Chief of Staff / Co-Founder
Cong Bui
Chief technology Officer

Gigago's Milestones

We are PASSIONATED in providing seamless mobile connectivity EVERYWHERE for anything.

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